Building Creative Lives

At Hayground, we believe that art should be at the core, not the periphery, of life. Our 800 square foot art studio, led by teachers who are professional artists, provides students a complete immersion in the materials, methods, and challenges of the working artist. From age 3, students are encouraged to find their personal vocabulary as visual artists—the media and themes they respond to—and to continually push the boundaries of their skills and expression. Upon graduation, Hayground students leave with a portfolio of their growth as artists, and a powerful tool for understanding themselves and the world around them.

Understanding Science Through Art

Hayground’s art studio is also where complex scientific material takes tangible form. In concert with our Marine Science and Soil Science/Gardening curriculum, students each year design and create a larger-than-life art installation representing the scientific principles of a particular ecosystem. As a culminating community event, the installation is displayed in the Parrish Art Museum’s annual student exhibition. Recent installations include:

  • Coral Reef Study: The Art & Science of the First Invertebrates
  • Honeybee House: A Model of Symbiosis and Sustainability
  • Large as Life: The Invisible Universe of Micro-Organisms