Hayground’s curriculum emphasizes in-depth studies, active inquiry, and project-based learning.

The curriculum is composed of 3 foundations: Core Disciplines; Classroom Endeavors;                  and Artists-in-Residence.

Core Disciplines

Hayground recognizes the value of traditional academic subjects and seeks to integrate them through real-world applications and project-based learning.   Hayground’s Core Disciplines include subjects such as reading, math, and science, as well as other disciplines such as Studio Art, Culinary Arts, and Gardening, where traditional subject matter comes to life in tangible ways.  The integration of academic and professional disciplines creates daily opportunities for “book learning” to become applied knowledge and real-world skills. For example: a 9 year-old student learning multiplication in Math might be asked to re-calculate a standard recipe to feed her 85 fellow students at lunch; a 7 year-old practicing writing skills might be asked to compose the menu for the school lunch;  [Need other examples re art, gardening]