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The Hayground Board is pleased to introduce Lukas Weinstein as Hayground’s new Director of Partnerships and Development. Lukas is joining Hayground after a 6-year stint at the Children’s Aid Society in New York where he most recently served as Interim Director of its National Center for Community Schools. The words "introduce” and “joining” may be misleading in this instance since Lukas and his entire family have been involved with Hayground for many years. From 2004-2009, Lukas was Hayground’s Administrative Coordinator. In addition, Lukas and his wife, Nancy Roob, have served in a variety of volunteer capacities, and their children have attended both school and camp. In addition to his work in the not-for-profit world serving children’s causes, Lukas’ intimate knowledge of all things Hayground makes him ideally suited to help steer Hayground down the path towards long-term sustainability. You will likely meet Lukas soon either around school or camp as he transitions to working on a full-time basis between now and July 1. Please join us in welcoming him and his entire family back into the Hayground fold.