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" I am, in fact, preparing to re-educate myself, to go back to school. Not the school to which I was “sent off” at five years of age, but a far brighter, more illuminating place. This time, with my children at my side, with friends and neighbors all around me, I will be learning things that no one cared to teach me last time around. Things like respect, not for facts, but for people and what they can teach you. Respect for oneself, one’s emotional, physical, spiritual and historic self. Respect for one’s capacity for learning and invention and creativity. Respect for all of the members of one’s community—not just the ones who look and sound like me. Together we will be learning how to teach and be taught, how to help and be helped, how to ask questions and find answers. You see, I am doing this for myself, to become a better person. This way, if my kids take after me or I take after them, well, we’ve got it covered either way. Will Hayground School change the world? I don’t know, but it will change mine. I’ll start with that. "                                                                                                                                                                                            Jeff Salaway, Hayground Parent & Founder

In 1996, a group of parents, educators, and community members began meeting to discuss possibilities for the education of children on the South Fork. The Hayground School was born out of these respectful and collaborative conversations.

Twenty years later, Hayground’s legacy of collaboration and respect remains intact, and parents continue to be a cornerstone of the school’s foundation.  The school’s most basic expectation of parents is to embrace Hayground’s daily life and to work in respectful partnership with one another.

Hayground families also provide pivotal support by contributing their time and efforts to facilitate every day activities at Hayground by:

  • Participating in myriad school projects and programs
  • Serving on committees
  • Assisting in the classroom
  • Pitching in at Helping Hands, designated workdays where families work on physical/grounds improvements
  • Volunteering at special events including the Chef’s Dinner

At Hayground, parents are integral members of a robust school community brimming with children and adults all committed to learning, growing and creating together.