Since 1996, Hayground School has provided an innovative educational experience for its students, and a model of progressive academic excellence for schools and educators around the world.                                                                                                                                                                              

Set on 13 acres of farmland in Bridgehampton, New York, Hayground School was founded on the conviction that all children can be serious thinkers and passionate readers; can listen, question, and speak with fairness and skill; can maintain a lifelong connection to the arts and their own sources of creativity; and can use these skills to create meaningful work in their own lives and make valuable contributions to the lives of others.    

Twenty years later, Hayground’s unique model of education—an individualized, mentor-based approach that integrates academics with hands-on work in professional disciplines—has brought together a community of teachers, scholars, scientists, and artists dedicated to the intellectual and creative growth of our children.     

The Hayground School was founded on the conviction that all children can live as intellectuals.  All children can become serious and passionate readers;   all children can engage in genuine conversation in which people exchange information and ideas, change their minds (listen with as much intensity and commitment as they give to convincing others), and work and study in a community where art is at the center, not the periphery, of life.

All children can become experts, and discover therein a life long thirst for gaining mastery.  All children can develop the habit of compassion. We want a community of adults and children who know how to use their expertise, ideas and compassion, a community in which reflection and action depend upon one another.

Our job at Hayground is to find or ignite the spark of curiosity residing within each child and fan the flames.  Then we work to give them the tools, perseverance and determination to fulfill that curiosity, and the ability and commitment to use their knowledge in ways that enhance life for everyone.

We are a school built on practices rather than statements. We urge and invite each of you to talk with us about what we do each day, and why. And we urge you to visit our school.  We have found that an hour in the midst of our students and teachers and the things they are making is the best way to learn about Hayground.                     

Mission Statement

Hayground School’s mission is simple: to create a community of students and mentors who explore together the central questions of human culture in the natural world. Our shared tools are meaningful inquiry, authentic scholarship, a spirit of creativity, and a respect for different perspectives.

The Hayground Mission In Action

Hayground fulfills its mission through a set of core values and practices:

  • Diversity
  • Mentorship
  • Meaningful Work
  • Mixed Age Groups
  • Social responsibility
  •  Sustainability