Hayground’s Middle Groups are composed of mixed-age classes that bring together children aged 6 through 11 in small groups of 12 to 15 students led by an experienced teacher. Middle Group classes combine individualized learning and peer mentorship to deepen fundamental academic skills and to explore in-depth, project-based interdisciplinary studies.  Key aspects of the Middle Group experience include:

  • Peer Mentoring: Middle Group students are expected to act as mentors to their classmates, both as academic learners and as members of the school community. On a daily basis, older Middle Group students explain complex ideas in relatable terms, model problem-solving, collaboration and discussion skills, and pair with younger classmates for partner reading,
  • Individualized Learning: Middle Group teachers engage each child in an ongoing conversation about their personal strengths, challenges, strategies, and goals, and regularly work with students in one-on-one and small group settings. 
  • Classroom Endeavors: Each year, Middle-Group classes immerse themselves in a sustained project that forms the basis of a year-long interdisciplinary exploration. Classroom endeavors include research, history, reading, writing, multiple hands-on projects, and culminate in an end-of-year performance or demonstration for the school and community.  Recent classroom endeavors include:
  • Filmmaking
  • Bookmaking
  • Inventions & Innovations

Interdisciplinary Intensives:

Middle Group students engage in 6 week-rotations in Art Studio, Culinary Arts, and Gardening, where academic disciplines come to life in tangible ways.