Just as Hayground strives to instill a love of reading, art, and compassion in its students, so too do we strive to help our students become confident, happy mathematicians.  We believe firmly that the best way for children to make sense of math ideas is to build them, discuss them, defend them and use them in meaningful tasks.  We want our students to solve problems fluidly, make meaning of numbers, shapes and data and understand the kinds of answers that are reasonable in any given math situation. To these ends, we use the following curricula: 

  • Investigations in Number, Data, and Space: Designed to help students make sense of mathematical ideas, this K-5 program uses concrete representations of numbers and conceptual games to explore arithmetic, geometry, data, measurement, and early algebra.
  • Connected Mathematics: Designed for middle school students, this inquiry-based math curriculum emphasizes depth of understanding of key concepts through classroom discourse and collaboration, connections among mathematical strands, and connections between mathematics and other disciplines.