Hayground is a community of readers and writers. The goal of our literacy program is to help all students discover joy in the process of reading and writing, and become lifelong learners who use the written word to think, understand, and communicate effectively. 

  • Early Childhood (age 3 to 5): Through daily discussion, oral reading, storytelling, and pre-writing activities, young learners are immersed in a language-rich environment that builds a strong foundation for literacy and an intrinsic understanding of narrative structure.                                            
  • Middle Groups (age 6 to 11): Emergent readers become fluent readers through one-on-one mentoring, partner reading with an older student, and daily group reading and discussion. Students write for real-world purposes—to teach others, tell a story, explain a project or compose a letter--and edit, revise and discuss their writing every day.                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Senior Learners (age 12 and 13): Hayground’s oldest students further their critical reading skills through close reading and discussion of essays, articles and books. Students write frequent essays in response to texts read independently and as a group, developing analytic and expository writing skills. Culminating projects include an essay written for review by a published writer, a 5-10 page essay for the Senior Learner Project, and a graduation speech to present to the Hayground community during their senior year.