History is alive at Hayground. Whether discussing Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Macbeth, the origins of the English language, or the state of the East End’s coastlines, Hayground students use the historical lens across all disciplines, as a tool to examine the cultural, political, geographic, and economic forces that shape where we are today.

In addition, Middle Group and Senior Learner students choose one historical topic that pertains to their class’s unit of study. This topic forms the basis for a year-long history project that involves research, documentation, and writing, and culminates in a presentation to the larger Hayground community. Recent history projects include:

  • Children In American History: An examination of the important roles children played in key historical events.
  • The Huntington Crossway Project: A documentary film, written and produced by students, about the history of a local neighborhood, combining historical research, oral histories, and interviews with residents.  
  • A History of the Book: An in-depth study of written communication, from hieroglyphics to the printing press. 
  • 1692: A comprehensive look at Colonial America from a multiplicity of perspectives. 
  •  The Narrow Lane Project: An oral history of a storied Bridgehampton road, gathered from residents and local historians.