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This year Liz and Mbachi’s Classes are working on a super enriching film project! We are looking to raise money to host our friends from Mono Aware Films. They visited us this past Fall to teach the kids traditional film making. We feel this experience has been valuable because the kids have developed their story writing, hand eye coordination, communication, interpersonal skills, story-based display, basic visual composition, and general reproduction skills including camera techniques, animation, and line action planning. We are looking to raise money to host them once more before the end of school. 

See link here.

We are also hoping to invite the New York Times Best Selling Author Adam Gidwitz ( as a visiting writer. 

We are all enjoying his book “The Inquisitor’s Tale”. 

Our goal is to raise $4000.00 for both programs. 

Sound good? 

Here's how you can help!

Donate food, supplies, time, ideas to the Harry Potter Fundraiser! (Whoo-hoo!) 

We are gathering momentum for April 5th, Friday night @ 5:00pm at Hayground School where we will transform the cafeteria and gathering space into a magical Harry Potter World for the kids. 

How are we going to do this?

Our cafeteria will be turned into our version of the Great Hall with long tables filled with delicious food, candles suspended from invisible lines, music from the movie, a sorting hat; mail will be delivered via ‘owls’, and many surprises! Teachers and parents are encouraged to dress up and be as involved as they like! See this character list to sign up and live your HP fantasy! (live action owls would be fun)

After the Feast, the gathering space will be ready for kids to make brooms, do an indigo dying project, enjoy some HP trivia, make wands, create potions, and finally the opportunity to watch 

Harry Potter movies 1 & 2 and eat popcorn. 

What we need from out Community:

*Potion making materials (small glass bottles, droppers, essential oils, epson salt, dry mustard, cinnamon, small mason jars)

*Sticks you might find on your woods walk that would make a fine broom; raffia, twine

*Delicious, statement making foods for the "Great Hall"

A needs list will be sent to those interested in contributing. Please email me directly if this means you….

Date for HP Coordination meeting to be announced soon. 

Don’t have time for any of the above and you feel you want to contribute?

Donate money. Cheryl will be accepting donations in the office. 


**Help the kids acquire used film equipment. 

Please pass this email on to someone who has film equipment that needs a home. 

Or email Mbachi or Liz directly.

What equipment do we need?:

A projector

2 super 8 cameras

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