Assessment at Hayground happens on a daily basis, as teachers observe, interact with, and mentor each child. Each student’s progress is documented and communicated in 3 ways:

  • Parent Conferences: Teachers meet with parents twice a year, in the fall and spring, for an in-depth discussion of their child’s work as a student and as a member of the Hayground community.  Parents receive written Conference Notes from the teacher, documenting their discussion and highlighting areas of strength and areas to improve.
  • Student Narrative: Each winter, teachers compose an in-depth narrative for individual students in their class.  These narratives form a complete picture of the whole student at mid-year, addressing academic and social-emotional growth in the classroom and in the larger Hayground community. 
  • Student Portfolio: Every Hayground student, from age 3 to 13, collects a body of work that demonstrates their growth over the course of the school year. Portfolios include creative writing, artwork, reading logs, history reports, scientific research, math demonstrations, and individual projects related to Classroom Endeavors and Senior Learner Apprenticeships.