Hayground Integrated Arts & Science Center = I-ASC

"Personal knowledge is not made, it's discovered."  EO Wilson

"Imagination is the marriage of art and science."  Jon Snow                                                                                                                

I-ASC is Hayground's home base for art and science.

It will be an indoor/outdoor classroom of unfettered curiosity, learning, adventure, creativity and thought, serving as the launch pad for fertile minds to explore their surroundings and convey their experiences.

Here art and science will arise from exposure to nature, direct observation, collection, analysis and imagination.  Students will glean that science is creative, art is discovery, and that the two are inextricably linked.

Carefully and thoughtfully green-designed with the artist and citizen scientist in mind, a primary goal of building this building is to get out of the building. I-ASC will propel students out into the environment to have first hand experience of how the natural world works.

There students will become immersed, returning to study, create, and do service under the guidance of our mentors. By blending education and activism, I-ASC will foster an educational opportunity where students learn to love, care, protect and serve their natural world.

 I-ASC will be Hayground's center for experiential learning; a place for scientific and artistic growth and innovation where our community can live science and art in action.