Curiosity. Play. Imagination. Hayground’s Early Childhood groups match the natural energy of our youngest learners with the abundant resources of our 13-acre campus. Whether planting seeds in the garden, partner-reading with an 8 year-old student, or learning Shakespeare with an artist-in-residence, Early Childhood students engage daily with the fundamentals of language, math, art, and science, all as valued members of a shared community.  

Early Childhood 1 (Ages 3 & 4)

Early Childhood 1 introduces children to the primary tenets of the Hayground community—collaboration, mentoring, and a respect for individual differences—while discovering literacy and numeracy through hands-on experiences connected to the natural world. Every day, our youngest learners explore:

  •   Language: Storytelling, reading aloud, group discussion, singing, poetry, pre-writing
  •   Numbers: Counting, comparing, measuring, adding, learning shapes and numerals
  •  Art: Painting, drawing, collage, self-portraits, building, making materials
  •  Nature: Garden, greenhouse, outdoor play, identifying seasons
  •  Socialized Play: Identifying and talking about feelings, considering the needs of others, finding good solutions

Early Childhood 2 (Ages 4 to 6)

Balancing socialized play with academic foundations, Early Childhood 2 cultivates the growing independence, focus, and curiosity of the 4 to 6 year-old child. In preparation for the Middle Group program, students spend discrete time on mathematics, writing, and reading, while continuing project-based investigations in the arts and sciences. A typical daily schedule includes:

  •  Gathering Time
  •  Mathematics
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Partner Reading
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Choice Time (block building, drawing, reading)
  • Outdoor Play